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Pick Up Program

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1 Mon 2015 Nuvex Comments: 0

DBS Environmental (DBS) has created the Pick-Up-Program (PUP) to allow communities the ability to provide continuous collections of their household hazardous waste.  Bins are exchanged at manned collection sites that will allow for a time-and-cost effective way to offer this service.

How it works

  • Bins are dropped off at the transfer site
  • These bins may be divided into 4 quadrants (cross bins) to hold the following:
    • Flammables
    • Toxics
    • Corrosives
    • Aerosol
    • Others
  • Bins designated for paint collections do not need to be divided
  • Once the bins are full, they are transported by DBS Environmental to be processed (bulked) at our transfer site.
  • No bulking is done at the collection site


Set up Service

  • Phone DBS to see if you qualify for the service
  • DBS supplies a training program to personnel at the transfer site. This training includes identification and separation of household hazardous waste
  • This training includes a manual
  • DBS offers a “HELP LINE” that is manned 24 hours, 7 days a week to assist site personnel

Common Set up Options

  • Six (6) Containers (bins)
    • Four (4) to be used for paint related materials
    • Two (2) designed for chemical separation
  • Three (3) Containers (bins)
    • Two (2) to be used for paint related materials
    • One (1) designed for chemical separation
  • One (1) container (bin)
    • Communities choice


  • Containers need no special storage ( can be left outside)
  • Containers can be moved by forklift or pallet jack
  • Staff do a primary separation and remove any non-compliance items
  • Phone for a pick up when one empty bin is left empty
  • Pickups of full bins are done on a milk-run basis
  • DBS will have all the equipment necessary for pick up
  • Empty containers will be exchanged for full containers.


  • Costs vary depending on number of bins exchanged
    • There is an initial set up fee
    • You are charged for each bin that is exchanged
    • GST is not included in the pricing

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