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Household Hazardous Toxic Round Up

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DBS Environmental (DBS) has been involved in the Household Hazardous Round-up program from its creation over 19 years ago.

We are the creators of the “Mobile Round-up Centre” for which we received the emerald award. We service communities around the province.

The Round Up program is able to adapt to the needs of the communities. DBS can offer this service to all areas of Alberta.

The Household Hazardous Toxic Round-ups allow communities to offer their residents a method to dispose of their household hazardous waste.  Round ups are held on specific days allowing citizens to drop off their materials that they no longer want or need.

DBS supplies waste handling services for the round-up.  This includes the identification, classification, packaging and transfer of household wastes collected at the roundup.  This also includes the stewardship programs for paint and electronics.

Alberta Environment “Action Waste” pays for the costs of disposal of wastes collected at the Round Ups.  Excluded items that are collected the costs are the responsibility of the community. (Phone for a list of these excluded items).

How it works

  • Event sponsor choices a date, location
  • Event sponsor must have an authorized signed agreement with DBS Environmental
  • Costs will vary depending on amount of time and quantities of waste collected
  • DBS staff and round up centre will come and run the round up
  • Event sponsor must provide volunteers for the round up
  • Volunteers are needed to direct traffic, greet people and bring wastes to the round up centre
  • Accept household waste
  • DBS personnel will sort, identify and package the waste (no waste is processed or bulked on site)
  • All waste volumes will be tallied and compiled
  • Area will be cleaned up before DBS leaves the sites
  • Round-ups can include the stewardship programs for paint products and electronics programs
  • Commercial/Industrial Waste which includes schools and town operations, can be collected provided a prearranged disposal agreement has been made for a preset fee

For more information please contact us at 403 328 4833 (in Lethbridge area) or 1 888 328 4833 (toll free)

DBS is unable to collect the following items

  • Explosives
  • Radio active material
  • Biomedical waste
  • Ammunition

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