Special Waste Services

    DBS Environmental offers a wide range of services for commercial and industrial businesses dealing with hazardous materials. Our staff is trained in Waste and Chemical handling, separation and identification. Waste will be collected on site in the Lethbridge area, then transported to our transfer station to be packaged for disposal. DBS will provide you with a Certificate of Destruction for received materials. For more information please contact us at 403-328-4833 or Toll free at 1-888-328-4833. 

Paint Collection

    The paint stewardship program is operated through the Alberta Recycling Management Authority (ARMA). DBS Environmental is proud to participate in the program as a registered processor with ARMA since its inception on April 1, 2008. Residents of participating municipalities are able to drop off leftover paint and containers at collection sites free of charge.  Accepted are household paint  in containers sizes of 100ml to 23 litres.  Paint collection can be in conjunction with our household hazardous waste round ups or with the PUP program. DBS has the capability of picking up containers (bins) filled with paint.  The containers will be removed and taken to the DBS transfer site in Lethbridge for processing. Full containers are replaced with empty ones. For a more information on the materials accepted in the paint program, please look on the ARMA website.

Household Hazardous Toxic Round-Up

    DBS Environmental has been involved in the Household Hazardous Roundup program from its creation over 20 years ago. We are the creators of the “Mobile Roundup Centre” for which we received the Emerald Award. We service communities around the province. The Roundup program is able to adapt to the needs of the communities. The Household Hazardous Toxic Roundups allow communities to offer their residents a method to dispose of their household hazardous waste. DBS supplies waste handling services for the roundup, this includes the identification, classification, packaging and transfer of household wastes collected at the roundup.  This also includes the stewardship programs for paint and electronics. 

Electronic Collection (E-waste)

    The electronic recycling stewardship program is operated through the Alberta Recycling Authority (ARMA). DBS Environmental offers our services to collect and transport electronic waste for communities in Alberta. Our focus is dealing with the rural communities. DBS has collected and transported thousands of tones of e-waste since the program started. Communities should have electronic recycling materials ready for DBS Environmental to pick up. This includes items in the cages and others on pallets, wrapped with shrink-wrap and ready to be loaded on the truck. Packaging services can be arranged, please phone for details. For more information please contact us at 403-328-4833 or Toll free at 1-888-328-4833

Please check ARMA’s website for any changes in these accepted materials in this program. events, with the cities of Edmonton, Calgary and Lethbridge hosting year-round facilities.

Pick-up Program

    DBS Environmental (DBS) has created the Pick-Up-Program (PUP) to allow communities the ability to provide continuous collections of their household hazardous waste.  Bins are exchanged at manned collection sites that will allow for a time-and-cost effective way to offer this service.

How it works

  • Bins are dropped off at the transfer site
  • These bins may be divided into 4 quadrants (cross bins) to hold the following:
    • Flammables
    • Toxics
    • Corrosives
    • Aerosol
    • Others
  • Bins designated for paint collections do not need to be divided
  • Once the bins are full, they are transported by DBS Environmental to be processed (bulked) at our transfer site.
  • No bulking is done at the collection sites.
  • Set up Service
  • Phone DBS to see if you qualify for the service
  • DBS supplies a training program to personnel at the transfer site. This training includes identification and separation of household hazardous waste
  • This training includes a manual
  • DBS offers a “HELP LINE” that is manned 24 hours, 7 days a week to assist site personnel

Common Set up Options

  • Six Containers
    • Four to be used for paint related materials
    • Two designed for chemical separation
  • Three Containers
    • Two to be used for paint related materials
    • One designed for chemical separation
  • One container
    • Communities choice


  • Containers need no special storage ( can be left outside)
  • Containers can be moved by forklift or pallet jack
  • Staff do a primary separation and remove any non-compliance items
  • Phone for a pick up when one empty bin is left empty
  • Pickups of full bins are done on a milk-run basis
  • DBS will have all the equipment necessary for pick up
  • Empty containers will be exchanged for full containers.


  • Costs vary depending on number of bins exchanged
    • There is an initial set up fee
    • You are charged for each bin that is exchanged
    • GST is not included in the pricing

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